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How T.O.P.S Operates

T.O.P.S was founded in 1997, by Chairman Jozef Muyshondt in response to the growing need for local freight forwarders to be present on an international scale. Since its inception, T.O.P.S has experienced steady growth due to its high standards and selective membership criteria. Often new members will be added through our referral program stimulated by our existing members.

"The T.O.P.S business model is very much relationship based as several members are professionals which I or another member have known for many years. This obviously resulted in strong group connections to the benefit of the customers and the task at hand.
The uniqueness of our business model is further expressed by the fact that in each country we have a limited amount of qualified members each of which based on their particular expertise.

As such local skill and local culture are the building blocks of an accomplished logistics chain meeting the customer’s requirements.
Today this model has a proven track record while the group continues to expand based on the same principles."

Jozef Muyshondt, Founder and Chairman T.O.P.S Logistics

  • The T.O.P.S Vision is to achieve a state of the art transportation system supported by closely forged partnerships with customers and sub-contractors alike.