International Logistics Alliance

T.O.P.S is a unique world alliance of independent freight forwarders providing expert multimodal logistical services. The alliance was founded in 1997 by Chairman Jozef Muyshondt in response to the growing need for local forwarders to act global. Ever since the establishment, T.O.P.S has gained presence through expanded memberships in major trade markets covering cities in Europe, Asia, South East Asia, the Indian Sub-Continent, Australia as well as North & South America and Africa.

Today the T.O.P.S alliance has a total of 50 members in over 30 countries, all examined and rated before being accepted for membership. A Code of Conduct ensures that the interests of the Members and their customers are protected all times.

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With 50 members in over 30 countries around the world T.O.P.S has become a unique world logistics alliance.
This network of independent companies have one common purpose , which is to deliver quality services.

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